Arrival and Accessibility

The Ark Nature Centre is located at Pohjoispuisto 7, near the crossing of the downtown Pori esplanades.

The Pori City Library – Satakunta Regional Library and the Pori Area Community College are found next to the Ark.

Satakunta Museum is a European Disability Card location.

Assistants to disabled people have a free entry to the Ark Nature Centre.


The Market Square: 300 m. About 5 minutes’ walk.

The local buses stop at the market square. The local traffic timetables are availabe at

Pori Transport Hub: 1,2 km. About 15 minutes’ walk.

The long-distance coaches stop at the transport hub. The railway station is adjacent to the transport hub.

Airport: about 3 km by car.

The closest taxi stand is along Pohjoispuisto, in front of the English Play School.


The Ark Nature Centre building is a light-yellow stone building. The building has three storeys. On the end wall of the house there is the text Luontotalo Arkki.

The house is surrounded by a fenced yard. The entrance to the yard is through the gateway at Pohjoispuisto.

The parking space for persons with reduced mobility is in the immediate vicinity of the main door.

The closest free public parking spaces can be found along Pohjoispuisto and Länsipuisto.

Charter buses can let passengers out and pick them up at the Ark gate.

There are bicycle stands in the Ark yard.

There are two entrances to the Ark.

The main entrance is in the courtyard and it is marked with a MUSEO sign.

There is a doorbell to the left of the main door.

There is a detachable ramp at the main door for wheelchair use.

Because the main doors are narrow, they must be opened specially for the wheelchair to be accommodated through them. The staff will assist when needed.

There is an accessible elevator inside the main doors to the right.

The elevator runs to the second floor, which is the customer service floor of the Ark Nature Centre.

The other entrance is located at the end of the house.

The door leads to a steep staircase, so it cannot be recommended as a principal entrance for people with reduced mobility.


The information and ticket sales desk are in the lobby, in front of the main entrance and the elevator.

The cloak room is in the museum lobby, to the right of the main entrance.

There is an accessible toilet in the museum.

The toilet is universally accessible.

The accessible toilet is to the right of the main entrance, at the end of the lobby.

The baby nappy changing table is located in the universally accessible toilet.

The toilet is equipped with a potty and a baby nappy changing mat and table.

The baby nappy changing table is located in the universally accessible toilet.

The toilet is equipped with a potty and a baby nappy changing mat and table.

There is a lendable stroller in the museum lobby.

There is a separate men’s toilet in the museum.

The men’s toilet is to the right of the main entrance.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome to the museum.

Ask the information desk for a water bowl for assistance dogs.


There is a museum shop in the museum. The museum shop is in the lobby, to the left of the ticket sales desk.

Exhibition rooms

The Ark Nature Centre function and workshop room Lumme and the exhibition rooms are located on the same level with the ticket sales desk.

The function and workshop room Lumme is to the right from the ticket sales desk at the end of the lobby. The door to Lumme is on the left.

The exhibition room is to the right of the ticket sales desk, and the entry is through an opening on the right.

The first exhibition room is for the temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibition room can be reached through this room. There are two separate doors between the rooms.

There is a low-pitched ramp that leads to both rooms.

The guided tours can be adapted for groups with special needs, in various languages, including Finnish sign language, and as audio descriptive guided tours.

The guided tours must be booked about two weeks in advance.

Adjacent to the museum lobby there is a room called Lumme, where various lectures and workshops related to the exhibitions are held. The room can be rented as a meeting room.

The museum also arranges guided workshops related to exhibition themes. The workshops can be adapted to groups with special needs.

In the permanent exhibition there are play areas, including an observation tower, a lighthouse, and a bear den.