Permanent Exhibition: From Forest to the Sea

The permanent exhibition is built in the former Pori phone company cable hall, which forms the northern part of the house. The dioramas of the exhibition present the nature destinations of the region, brimming with animals and plants.

The coastline of the Bothnian Sea is in constant change because of the land uplift. The coastal meadow first turns into sea buckthorn bushes and in time further to a grove of black alder wood. There are many important sites rich in species along the river Kokemäenjoki. The river becomes a delta, opening in front of downtown Pori. It is especially famous for the multitude of species of the local birdlife. The nearest wetland site is the Isoneva mire in Pomarkku.

A bear, a lynx and a fox have found sheltered paths through the forests of the region. In the exhibition you can also find a children’s sized observation tower, a duckboard and a bear’s den.

The most spectacular play area is the miniature lighthouse. The activities of Porin Lintutieteellinen Yhdistys (PLY), an active local ornithological society, are also introduced in the permanent exhibition. Visitors can have a look at ornithological equipment and a tablet computer, where the birdwatchers’ observations can be followed in real time.