From Phone Company to Nature Centre

The site of Pohjoispuisto 7 (number 79, II district) was originally owned by military accountant K. A. Linden, who sold part of it to the City of Pori. In 1917 Porin Telefooniyhtiö (“Pori Telephone Company”) transferred its functions under city administration. A new central telephone station was needed because the old one was too far from the town centre, at Hallituskatu 2. Architect Birger Federley designed the new building in 1921. The actual construction work began in 1926.

In 1927 the company was renamed Porin kaupungin puhelinlaitos (“The City of Pori Phone Company”). The new facilities were taken in use in September 1928. The building of a new automated centre that would become the north wing of the property was began in May 1947. The addition was taken into use in February 1950. Later the phone company name was changed again, to Porin puhelin Oy (“Pori Telephone Ltd.”).

The property was renovated in 1990s and concurrently the natural history exhibition entity was built in it for the Ark Nature Centre. Pori got a place for nature-themed exhibitions, lectures and all those interested in nature. The Ark Nature Centre was opened for public on 22 March 2000.

In addition to the ticket sales desk and a small museum shop you will find in the Ark a lobby, a lecture hall, the Lumme function room, the Kotilo room for temporary exhibitions and the permanent exhibition Metsistä merelle (From forests to the sea). The Butterfly Room collections are open for public on Sundays.